A leading driver and strong advocate for European Businesses in Korea

About ECCK Advocacy

The ECCK strives to cultivate an optimal business environment and community for European companies. Furthermore, the Chamber aims to promote a sustainable relationship between European corporations and the Korean government by working hand-in-hand with both parties. The ECCK’s core business is advocacy; in other words, representing European business towards the Korean government in reconciliation with the European Commission, the European Free Trade Association and the British government.

White Paper and Position Paper
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Since 2015, the ECCK has annually been publishing the ‘ECCK White Paper’, which is a compilation of issues and recommendations raised by the European business community in Korea. More than 1,000 recommendations have been delivered to the Korean administration, and recently, around 30% of the White Paper recommendations were accepted.

Committees are the key ECCK Advocacy Platforms and the centerpieces of ECCK Advocacy activities. Comprised of participating member companies, committees assist members to keep current on regulations, to improve market intelligence, and to express positions on specific trade issues to the Korean Counterparts. The ECCK summits position papers to the government to deliver member companies’ voices and recommendations.

Meetings with Korean Government / High level Meetings
Breakfast meeting

To further reach our advocacy goals, the ECCK reaches out to prominent and influential government officials and National Assembly members to communicate and exchange ideas. The ECCK has held over 120 governmental meetings annually.

Additionally, the ECCK has hosted Breakfast Meetings with High level officials from Ministries and Agencies, such as MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy), MOEL (Ministry of Employment and Labor), KFTC (Korea Fair Trade Commission), NTS (National Tax Service), KCS (Korea Customs Service), etc.

ECCK Delegation to Europe / Meetings with High-Level Officials from Europe
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The ECCK delegation, which is comprised of the ECCK Board and the ECCK Secretariat, has paid visits to Europe to have meetings with key officials from the European Commission, European Parliament, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) , OECD, United Nations (ILO, UNCTAD, WIPO), and World Trade Organization (WTO).

Additionally, the ECCK has held business luncheons with high-level officials including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, etc.

Conferences and Seminars (Off & Online)
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As part of soft advocacy, the ECCK organizes conferences and seminars such as IPR Conference, GAII (Global Alternative Investment Insights), etc. In addition to that, the ECCK contributed to external conferences, forums, etc. in which distinguished individuals from various industries participated to talk about their insights on various business-related issues.