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november 2020

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Event Details

The 58th SIWA and Diplomatic Community Bazaar will be hosted online from 8th to 30th November 2020. Please visit the fundraising website at fundraising.siwakorea.com.

The SIWA & Diplomatic Community Bazaar is the largest international fundraising event in Seoul. SIWA is Seoul’s premier international women’s organization with a rich history. Distinguished guests such as St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa), former First Lady of South Korea Lee Hee-Ho, spouse of former Seoul Mayor Kim Yoon-ok, spouse of former Seoul Mayor Kang Nan-Hee, and other prominent policy makers and ambassadors have supported SIWA’s activities.

Since its inception in 1962, the SIWA and Diplomatic Community Bazaar has raised more than KRW 3 billion. Our Bazaar has welcomed thousands of guests each time without interruptions for 58 years. Despite the COVID-19, we do not intend to make an exception this year and continue building on the support of the Diplomatic Community and SIWA sponsors.

Veronica Koon, the President of SIWA says, “We are honoured that the embassies and SIWA sponsors support the Bazaar online this year and donated great products for fundraising. I feel a stronger bonding between SIWA and the diplomatic community, and SIWA sponsors ever while we are all overcoming the pandemic together. We hope to set a milestone for our first ever Online Bazaar and continue the 58 years of legacy of our celebration of diversity and culture.”

This year, all proceeds will be donated to Holy Family Welfare Hospital, which is supported by ASAS (Ambassadors’ Spouses Association of Seoul), and KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association), as a part of SIWA’s 3-year Philanthropy Project. Special thanks to SIWA’s premium platinum sponsors: Dwight School Seoul, Hana Bank and Seoul Foreign School.

Participation list of Embassies: Turkmenistan, El Salvador, Kingdom of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Sierra Leone, Colombia, Bulgaria, France, Azerbaijan, Ireland, and Canada.

For more information, please visit www.siwakorea.com/siwabazaar/, shop for good causes at the fundraising site fundraising.siwakorea.com


About SIWA

Throughout the years SIWA – Seoul International’s Women Association has been an independent institution that promotes friendship, enrichment and charity. SIWA is the largest and longest-running international women’s organization in Korea!

Since 1962, SIWA has been a place where women from around the world could meet, forge friendships, learn about Korea and other cultures, contribute their talents and ideas, and help improve the lives of those in need.

It involves now about 300 members all formed by multicultural women from over 40 nations, including Korea. It is a volunteer based institution, in which each one of the SIWA’s leaders work as a volunteer, dedicating their time and expertise to the women’s association.


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